Aviation Day

Tips on How to Run A Girl Scout Aviation Day

Started in 2002, the completion of Aviation Day in Louisville Kentucky earned participants the official GSUSA Junior aerospace badge (now discontinued) as participants rotated among 8 stations learning about various parts of aviation and the vocational opportunities for women therein.

Today, as this is written in 2018, not only has the Aviation Day event been held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, but the movement has expanded.


Since the inaugural event, similar Aviation Day events have been held independently in many U.S. states and foreign countries.

Exhibits, activities and experiences routinely include learning about aircraft engineering & design, aviation jobs, single-engine planes, multi-engine planes, air traffic control towers, cargo planes, military aviation, Civil Air Patrol, hot air balloons, helicopters, aircraft maintenance, flight schools, commercial aviation, the history of female pilots, and education opportunities for girls and young women in related fields.

Aviation Day is designed to be a totally "unmanned" experience; all presenters are always qualified women in the field of aviation!

Since the discontinuance of the official GSUSA Junior aerospace badge, recent participants have earned Aviation Badges created through the "Make Your Own Badge" philosophy.

Over 5500 girls are known to have participated in learning and badge-earning from all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. And with the spread of ideas via the Internet, no doubt the real number is higher than verified!

Looking to organize your own local "Aviation Day" for girls? Contact us, we can help.

Not sure about the commitment of a full "Aviation Day" but want your troop to learn about aviation? Now, because of the expert advice and hard work by Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots (Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter) members Terri Donner, Erin Bliss Thompson and Maggie Hettinger, there is a second path to learning (and earning aviation badges!). INCLUDED FREE: All purchases of AviationBadges.com scouting badges of ANY QUANTITY will receive a copy of the age-appropriate, color-printed pamphlet for that badge level! Purchasers may make non-modified pamphlet copies without restriction.